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Pannoramic 1000

PANNORAMIC Digital Slide Scanners

PANNORAMIC 1000 is a high-end, extra fast and super-efficient slide digitalization system.

Its unprecedented 1000-slide capacity, its unparalleled throughput at up to 100 slides per hour and its robust design offer a reliable solution for high-volume whole-slide imaging.

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PANNORAMIC 1000 Key Features

Highest capacity and fastest scanning on the market

The PANNORAMIC 1000 is the largest-capacity whole-slide scanner on the market with 1000 slides – using Leica slide racks, slide loading capacity can be further increased to 1200. Slide loading and scanning are fully automatic, enabling “walk-away” scanning for a whole day’s needs, speeding up the laboratory workflow and freeing up valuable lab resources. It is the fastest whole-slide scanner on the market at up to 100 slides per hour, 2000 slides per day (at 40x resolution, 0.25 μm/pixel, single layer).

Innovative hardware design

The PANNORAMIC 1000 has a completely new hardware design: its antivibration granite base and dual slide stage ensure maximum stability and image quality and its robust construction is designed for heavy-duty use, while it offers easy-maintenance robotized loading.

Most efficient slide logistics

In terms of slide logistics, the PANNORAMIC 1000 offers several innovative features.

  • Its magazine panels support Leica and Sakura slide racks compatible with several stainer-coverslippers, offering laboratories great flexibility.
  • Its robotized loader ensures rapid loading, while slide processing remains flexible, allowing for priority slide handling and scanning in arbitrary order.
  • Importantly, double-width slides are also supported.
  • Finally, a safety container dedicated for problematic slides has been added, so that slides with quality issues (chips, cracks) do not interfere with scanning operations.

Excellent image quality

  • Excellent image quality is guaranteed by the PANNORAMIC 1000’s three separate objectives, exchangeable automatically during scanning.
  • Optional water immersion with a precision pipetting unit and water quantity sensor is available.
  • Optional multilayer (Z-stack) and extended focus scanning are available for more specific scanning needs.
  • Intensity stitching with intensity compensation works also on the Z axis, resulting in better compensated images with multilayer scanning.
  • Both tissue detection and coverslip detection are fully automated.
  • For the scanned images, multiple image compression, color profile and schemes as well as multiple image compensation are available. 

Slides and Scan Samples

Scanner Software for Research

PANNORAMIC Scanners are powered by the PANNORAMIC Scanner Software for Research, which provides versatile, fast and high-quality slide scanning according to the imaging needs of cancer research laboratories, pharmaceutical companies or medical research institutes. Its key features include

  • New Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Scanning profiles for individual slides, multiple scanning locations and separate scanning of TMA slides for flexibility
  • Several focus modes, new intensity stitching algorithm, two multilayer scanning options and further improved deconvolution for superior image quality
  • Highly adjustable software and hardware settings
  • Customizable user interface and scanning workflow
  • Built-in slide conversion into the following file formats: DICOM, Tiled TIFF

Complementary Software Solutions

The 3DHISTECH software product portfolio is the most comprehensive one on the market. Whether it is tissue microarrays, IHC stainings, quantitative measurements, e-learning application and more, 3DHISTECH offers solutions for your research work.

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