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Pannoramic 250 Flash III

PANNORAMIC Digital Slide Scanners

For labs that demand BF and/or FL scanning on the same platform with award winning quality and continuous loading of up to 300 slides at FLASH technology speeds.

PANNORAMIC 250 Flash III DX offers medium-to-large routine pathology laboratories a high-quality and high-speed scanning solution.

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PANNORAMIC 250 Flash III Key Features

  • 300-slide capacity and continuous loading with vertical slide arrangement
  • Award-winning, exceptional image quality for both brightfield and up to nine fluorescent filter positions available for single and multiple band cubes with advanced FISH scanning technique
  • Pulsed Xenon FLASH light source for high-speed brightfield scanning
  • Up to 90x brightfield and 60x fluorescent magnification by default.
  • Darkfield preview for easy localization of fluorescent samples.
  • Brightfield slide scanning in one minute at 40x resolution.
  • Motorized objective and camera changer.
  • Automatic slide loading, previewing, barcode reading and scanning.
  • All-around system for high volume slide scanning.

Slides and Scan Samples

Scanner Software for Research

PANNORAMIC Scanners are powered by the PANNORAMIC Scanner Software for Research, which provides versatile, fast and high-quality slide scanning according to the imaging needs of cancer research laboratories, pharmaceutical companies or medical research institutes. Its key features include

  • New Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Scanning profiles for individual slides, multiple scanning locations and separate scanning of TMA slides for flexibility
  • Several focus modes, new intensity stitching algorithm, two multilayer scanning options and further improved deconvolution for superior image quality
  • Highly adjustable software and hardware settings
  • Customizable user interface and scanning workflow
  • Built-in slide conversion into the following file formats: DICOM, Tiled TIFF

Complementary Software Solutions

The 3DHISTECH software product portfolio is the most comprehensive one on the market. Whether it is tissue microarrays, IHC stainings, quantitative measurements, e-learning application and more, 3DHISTECH offers solutions for your research work.

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