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360, 480S, and 720

Flexibility for Efficiency

Rapid turn-around time in a format that fits your lab is key to maintaining positive patient care

Our Autostainers are fast, space-saving units that provide flexible options to meet the workflow needs of any laboratory.


Adaptable and Economical

Three models allow for any instrument configuration to best accommodate average slide volumes and peaks throughout the day. The open platform also enables you to take full advantage of flexible protocol design and consider economically attractive reagent packages.

Reliable and Precise

Standardized and precise antigen retrieval delivers accurate and high quality staining results, and dual barcoding ensures that each slide receives the correct reagents.

Efficient and Reproducible

Robust, reliable automation of processes allows you to spend your time handling results rather than diagnosing instrumentation problems, while rapid staining turn-around time means higher throughput to deliver patient test results faster.

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