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Ultra-rapid results like you’ve never seen before.

Introducing LabSat® Research by Lunaphore, a flexible IHC/IF staining solution for the research lab

LabSat® Research is an ultra-rapid automated staining instrument based on an innovative microfluidic technology that is capable of carrying out IHC/IF staining cycles within 30 minutes, in a highly precise and reproducible manner. 


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This technology breakthrough, together with a fully open system, bring a flexible solution to the reach of medium and small laboratories.

Cutting-edge tech, adaptable to your needs.

Ultra-rapid turnaround time

Thanks to a microfluidic technology called Fast Fluidic Exchange (FFeX), incubation times are dramatically reduced by accelerating the reagent flow inside a staining chamber.

Compact automation

LabSat® is a Swiss-made automated stainer of small dimensions. This benchtop device brings a solution at the reach of medium and small research laboratories.

High quality

The closed staining chamber allows ultra-rapid and uniform delivery of reagents onto the tissue section, producing homogenous staining across the zone of confinement. Short incubation times limit the exposure of the tissue to harsh conditions and prevents degradation over prolonged assay times.

Compact automation

LabSat® Research provides you with many customization options in order to explore the full potential of your research.

One Platform, Multiple Applications.

LabSat® Research is a powerful research tool that can help you automate a wide range tests involving tissue incubation protocols, such as IHC, IF and multiplexing, among others. To fine tune your tests, LabSat® offers the possibility to modify protocol steps, select different incubation times or choose your own reagents. Thanks to LabSat® short turnaround times, you can accelerate the optimization of your incubation conditions and dramatically reduce the overall test time.

Multiplexed IF

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