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PT Module

IHC Pretreatment Made Easy

The Epredia PT Module standardizes the manual steps associated with the pre-treatment of slides, helping you obtain high quality and consistent IHC staining.


Standardize for Success

Designed to simultaneously perform dewaxing and epitope recovery on slides prior to immunostaining. The integrated computer with touch screen allows you to program custom pre- treatment programs and modify the start/stop time and temperature settings to optimize results.

Boost Quality and Efficiency

The PT Module has dual reaction baths so that two individual procedures, each with 24 slides, may be run independently, and accommodates either four Autostainer slide racks or eight standard manual slide racks directly.

Use with Dewax and HIER Buffers

Designed specifically for use with the PT Module, our all-in-one epitrope retrieval and deparaffinization (dewaxing) buffers are made with patented formulations for superior performance over other all-in-one buffers. Discover more on our Dewax and HIER Buffers here.

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