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Excelsior AS Tissue Processor

Excelsior AS Tissue Processor

The Excelsior AS tissue processor provides exceptional tissue quality with minimal user interaction.

You get the superb tissue quality and proven reliability you expect, plus a safer, more efficient working environment.


Enhanced tissue quality.

Cassette baskets are gently rotated inside the circular chamber, providing more effective agitation than an impeller. Reagents can be pre-heated to up to 35 °C, minimizing tissue shock and facilitating reagent penetration.

Significant reagent cost savings.

Alcohol quality measurement enables you to extend your reagent life and provides significant cost savings. Automatic reagent rotation further extends reagent life using a proven system.

Streamline workflow and increase productivity.

Reduce maintenance time by replacing one bottle of each reagent rather than all of them. New reagents are drawn directly into the processor from your suppliers’ bottles – no pouring – no mess – no fumes.

Enhanced user safety.

With some tissue processors it is hard to avoid formaldehyde fumes. With the Excelsior AS tissue processor, a downdraft fan starts automatically, drawing the fumes away from the user and through a filter that neutralizes the formaldehyde.

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