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Immunohistochemistry Solutions

Accurate and Reproducible Immunohistochemistry

Precise Results

Accurate and reproducible immunohistochemistry is essential in research and diagnostics. Whether performing research assays on precious samples or catering to a patient awaiting timely and precise results, Epredia immunohistochemistry solutions deliver high quality results.

Immunohistochemistry Instruments


Autostainer 360, 480S, and 720

Our Autostainers are fast, space-saving units that provide flexible options to meet the workflow needs.


PT Module

The PT Module standardizes the manual steps associated with the pre-treatment of slides, helping you obtain high quality and consistent IHC staining.


LabSat Research

LabSat® Research is an automated staining instrument, consisting of one chamber where one tissue slide can be placed for staining. LabSat® is based on a cuttingedge microfluidic technology, capable of carrying out IHC/IF staining cycles within 30 minutes, in a highly precise and reproducible manner.

Achieve accurate results with outstanding quality with our broad range of immunohistochemistry solutions for both research and clinical workflows.

Immunohistochemistry Consumables



Comprehensive IHC Antibody Portfolio for Your Research and Clinical Needs

Epredia antibodies are designed for multiple applications such as clinical and research IHC and applications other than IHC, such as Western Blotting of immunoprecipitation.


Dewax and HIER

Achieve Clarity, see the difference, Dewax and HIER Buffers from Epredia

Avoid the frustration of murky Immunohistochemistry (IHC) assays caused by incomplete dewaxing. Dewax and HIER buffers from Epredia demonstrate superior dewaxing performance over other PTM buffers. All-in-one epitope retrieval and deparaffinization in the PT Module ahead of IHC. Color-coded and pre-measured for ease of use in the PT Module. High quality at a competitive cost per slide. You may be able to save 40% or more per test.


See Your Results, Clearly

Immunohistochemical (IHC) Dection Systems & Kits

To complement our robust antibody portfolio, we offer an array of detection technologies designed to meet the needs of the clinical and research market.